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"Ella y Yo” is a bilingual piece that follows a woman’s journey to healing and acceptance. She learns to accept all the parts that make her a complex human being. The solo is an exploration of questions and thoughts that every human being can identify with, particularly women.

Created, directed, performed and edited by Gilda Mercado 

The show  will be streamed at United Solo Screen Festival. 

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Poster: Alexandr Kieev

A bilingual play based in a quarantine world, this version of The Comedy of Errors will feature a multilingual cast in a world of separated families coming together to pursue love over hatred.


What generates errors during a pandemic? How do we find love and connection across countries in a world that is increasingly wary of travel? What does quarantine mean for the future of actors, and how do we overcome obstacles and transform them into opportunities? This multilingual adaptation shall show audiences the broad appeal of Shakespeare’s plays and highlight the need for levity, love and connection in a world that desperately needs it.


Directed by JT Stocks, this production shall feature a wealth of multi-national artists from the UK, US, Italy, Mexico and Turkey. The show will be pre-recorded over Zoom and will be streamed from  September 13th  through September 30 at Manchester Fringe Festival .

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Rattlestick Playwrights Theater and New York Theatre Salon proudly present GLOBAL FORMS THEATER FESTIVAL, a free, multi-medium festival showcasing over 100 theater artists from 34 different countries! This week-long theatrical event celebrates and uplifts the work of international and immigrant theater artists living in the United States and abroad.


June 1st-9th, 2021

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Poster: Ally Johnson

Hindsight 2020, is a collaboration of international artists in various disciplines creating a devised virtual time capsule seeking to answer the question: What parts of 2020 will you leave behind or bring with you? Join us as we take a first foray into developing a new Zoom theatre medium. Through the archival and artistic process, they will attempt to make sense of a year that defies all categorization. 2020 was a year that changed the world. How has it changed you?

Showtimes (all in Pacific Standard Time)

Friday, April 9th: 7:30 pm 

Saturday, April 10th: 12pm (8pm - British Summer Time), 6pm

Sunday, April 11th: 11am (7pm - British Summer Time), 5pm

Friday, April 16th: 7:30pm 

Saturday, April 17th: 7:30pm

Art work: Giulia Xuereb

`Blue´ is a contemporary solo piece from up-and-coming theatre-maker Gilda Mercado.


Thursday 7th of November, 8:00pm at The Old Hairdressers

£4 Adult £3 students and MACCT alumni. Tickets on the door.


“What happened is all I see is blue, all I see is you. I am in love with the color blue”

Have you ever fallen in love, the way they write about in poems and sing about in songs? Fallen in love so deeply that you would change who you are – including your physical form? Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s ´The Little Mermaid´, `Blue´ follows the journey of a woman who gives up her life and her identity. After finding out her love is unrequited, she finds herself trapped in a strange body, on an unknown land. A place where she’ll have to confront herself with the woman she has become.


Mentorship in direction: Leonor Estrada


Currently, Gilda is in rehearsals for The Witch Of Edmonton. 


Directed By Marc Silberschatz


6th March - 9th March


“All the world’s a stage”

This January, Gilda is doing a residency at Shakespeare’s Globe in London
as part of her RCS Acting Course.

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